Water Stories, Shoe Shadows 1980-81

The Atlanta Women's Art Collective

A performance for two combining activities with text delivered via slides or spoken word. 

Text excerpts:

Inside feels like a dark, leathery case for fish eggs.
Thousands and Thousands of eggs that look alike,
Suspended in jelly, turning into pearls of wisdom which
I will skillfully drop at the right moment of the most confidential of conversations.

This room is stark like the beach.
It is also like the chambers of a shell.

As a mermaid I understand the secret lives of fish.
Stargazers, Stonefish, and seahorses
play in my long hair and whisper stories.

Once their was a mermaid who wanted to be human. Her fins turned to legs but
When she walked or danced her feet would bleed.

When you were 13 your father gave you a pair of silk stockings
with seams up the back.

You hid them in a drawer.
They were special.

Then there is the story about the red shoes.
The little girl danced and danced until her feet
had to be chopped off by the black hooded executioner......