Measured Fantasy 1981

Fashion Moda NYC 


“Measured Fantasy” was an installation with two videotapes. The first tape/monitor was installed in the window, along with a set of steps, which led through the wall and became a long ramp on the other side. At the end of the ramp were a female mannequin and two illuminated ruffled skirts. Facing the wall to the side of the first mannequin was a couch with two seated adolescent mannequins. The second tape/monitor was placed under the couch facing a mirror, so the viewer watched the reflection of the image over the shoulders of the mannequins. 

Across the room from the couch stood a male mannequin. In both videotapes, I visually mixed male and female images. The tapes show actions or objects strongly associated with one or the other sex, being used in a contrary context. 

The long, ruffled skirt is slowly and seductively raised to reveal a man’s penis, and long beautiful dark hair streaming down a slender back turning to reveal a bearded man. 

The environment was set up with the female axis (window tape, mannequin, skirt) and male axis (couch, video reflection, male mannequin) intersecting at the center of the space. 

The piece addresses sexual identity (the male/female polarities in all of us) and the relationship of body identification and fantasy in accordance with our definitions of sexuality.