Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn New York, October 6, 2012


Marble Cherub Mystery was a day long repeating 20 minute play staged as part of Greenwood Cemetery’s annual open house.  The action took place in and around the Mausoleum of theater impresario and tavern keeper William Niblo and his wife and business partner Martha King Niblo. Written by Alyson Pou the site-specific one act play is inspired by Pou’s love of Gothic ghost stories and the research of Benjamin Feldman, 19th century historian and Niblo biographer. The two teamed up to play Martha and William.


marble cherub LARGE.jpg

It’s the morning after the famous Japanese Ball of 1860 and as William makes his daily visit to the Cemetery it’s time for the ghost of Martha Niblo to appear, confront her husband about the identity of the mysterious marble cherub that resides within the mausoleum, and uncover an age-old skeleton in the Niblo family closet!

Greenwood Cemetery 2012 Image Gallery:

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